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A little history about myself on how I got started and the importance of having the right emcee for your event.


Providing you with a unique emcee and event coordinating service tailored to fit your needs.


Comments from couples from various weddings over the past few years. Just call me the facilitator of good times.



It was a few years ago when I was looking to start a career in stand up. I was actively looking for random open mic nights around the city to get exposure and experience. The same year a few of my close friends were getting married and asked me to be their emcee; and the rest is history. Just from those 3 weddings alone, snowballed into 10 bookings the following year. Over the years I have gained experience and exposure; developed relationships, learned more about this industry, and definitely learned how to work a crowd. 

The importance of having a good Emcee

It is an important and demanding job that requires energy and skill. A good emcee is engaging and has the responsibility to set the tone for the evening; they can also take a lot of pressure and stress off the bride and groom. A bad emcee who isn't prepared can throw an event off kilter and turn it into a boring train wreck of a spectacle. Emcees are specifically trained to keep the entertainment of an event on schedule, keep the attention of the crowd and provide direction. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Why Happily Ever Laughter?

We offer a unique service which combines the role of an emcee and event coordinator all rolled into one. As for emceeing capabilities, we provide a more interactive and personal touch; as well as that seamless transition as if you were to ask a family friend or relative. In regards to planning & coordinating, we  provide  various program templates that are quick and easy to follow. We always make sure that we cater your needs , as well as all the vendors.  We have worked with the best local talent in the city; from planners, decorators, hair and make up artists, barbers, DJs, photographers, videographers, singers, pianists, to live bands. We entertain the guests and take away the stress.

Packages & Services

Emcee Services

Consultation sessions - first with the bride and groom to go over details and the second with the bridal party to get some information (fun facts) 

In depth research of Bride & Groom, bridal party, family, ethnic background and traditions etc. 

Emcee Duties -  Joke Engineering; make it more personable and have jokes relate to the B&G, family and bridal party, keeping the crowd engaged.

Customized entrances for each couple (fun facts about each member of the entourage fake or real)

Kissing Wheel – custom categories as per the bride and groom

Coordinating Services

Consultant - Cross reference to what you currently have booked; going over your wants,  needs and must haves; as well as booking those specific vendors, entertainers, artists that you would like to see at your reception

Reception Planning –  Creating the day of itinerary for the reception for all vendors (slotting each specific performance, speeches, activities etc.)

Day of coordinator with the venue convener, DJ, photographers etc. Assuring everyone is on the same page (speeches, performances, appearance order, when courses will be served etc.) 


Option 1 

Basic Host

Option 2 

Master of Ceremonies 

Option 3

Best of both Worlds


Jamie & John

"Ivan Barron was an exceptional asset to our wedding. From wedding execution to the day of the wedding, Ivan was well organized with his emcee duties and scheduling. He always made sure that we were on schedule. As well, with his upbeat personality, he meshed well with the wedding party. Our guests absolutely adored him and enjoyed his emcee material.  Thank you so much for making our wedding day so memorable and amazing! You are worth every penny!"

Sheveta & Akash

"Ivan was extremely easy and super fun to work with!  He took the time to get to know us as a couple, our bridal party and families, which he then executed so seamlessly as he MC’d our reception – It was as if he was apart of the family!  He made sure that speeches and entertainment where being scheduled on time and as discussed.  Ivan engaged/connected with the audience and most importantly, made everyone laugh.  We highly recommend him, there is never a dull moment with this fella! "

Caroline & Jordan

"Ivan was such a pleasure to work with. From the first time we met I knew we would have so much fun together! He helped the whole wedding run smoothly and coordinated all the speech timing to work perfectly with all of our courses. I would recommend Ivan to anyone getting married looking to bring a really fun element to your wedding!"

Jenilee & Martin

"Ivan is one of a kind! He was so reliable and organized throughout the entire planning process. On the day of our wedding he ensured everything was on track and more importantly entertained our guests like no other! 

So much love and thanks for our MC extraordinaire! We truly could not have asked for anyone better!"

Barbara & Nicolas

"Just wanted to thank you for all of your help and planning with our wedding on June 3rd. Nicholas and I couldn't have done it without you. Our guests loved your jokes and you kept our dinner and reception running without a single delay. Also, the DJ you introduced to us was amazing and you two worked so well together. We can't thank you enough and will definitely recommend you to all of our friends and family getting married for years to come. Every time we attend a wedding now, without an emcee, it's not the same!" 

Shannon & Patrick

"My wife and I used Ivan as our Master of Ceremonies for our wedding reception. Ivan is the sweetest and most down-to-earth person that you could ever use as your MC for your wedding. He is funny and very well organized which left us feeling relaxed and confident throughout the course of the night. During our wedding we asked Ivan to do a lot and he helped out. At the end of the night our guests were very impressed with Ivan. If I seriously had to recommend a MC for someone's wedding...I would definitely choose Ivan. His friendly demeanor will make your wedding night smooth and successful. We love Ivan and I am sure you will too."

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